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Steve Dent. Born Bristol (Clifton the posh part). Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones (I’m too young!). People Developer. Mazda MX5 Driver. Coach. Trainer. Business Owner. Golfer on way to single figure handicap £70 career earnings. Cyclist – keep crashing. Mountain Climber and descender. Charity fundraiser. NLP master. Mental Toughness specialist. Constant learner. Networker. Network meeting group leader. Mentee. Never stops improving. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people get mentally tougher!

Let’s be clear at the outset what I don’t do:

  • No fluffiness
  • No waiting for the universe to give what you want
  • No psycho babble
  • No regurgitated quotes from famous people
  • No mystic badger approaches

What I do is:

  • Take a straightforward, practical approach
  • Get you to focus on the things that matter to you
  • Give you effective practical tools that get you really thinking
  • Hold up the accountability mirror for you

What you get from me:

  • I will challenge you to look in the accountability mirror
  • I will ask the questions that no one else will or that you’ve been afraid to ask yourself.
  • I will provide you with practical and useful strategies that you can use immediately to get what you want.
  • I will help you to develop your mental toughness.

I spent loads of time over the past 18 years coaching and training people at all levels. Executives, grizzled, hard-nosed dairy managers, stressed out care home managers, whizz kid media managers and solicitors to name but a few. Imagine standing up in from of room full of lawyers and coaching them to be better people leaders. Yes, been there and done that…successfully! I’ve also led teams in senior roles in the dairy industry and the care sector. I’ve had great success and I’ve messed up as well!

I’ve worked in cricket and had an detailed insight into what’s it like at the professional level (my son is Gloucestershire CCC captain). I know from him what it takes to perform at the highest level and that insight will be invaluable to you. I’ve always taken a straightforward practical approach that gives people practical and useable methods to get what they want. I’ve taken these from years of experience and from the experience of a professional cricketer.

I also spent five years developing county age cricketers aged from 10 – 17 and from 2015 – 2018, I was the head coach of Gloucestershire County Women’s cricket team and worked with the most talented female cricketers in the county. If you’re a teacher, you’ll know what managing large groups of kids is like. A challenge but huge fun at the same time!

I’ve had my challenges in life, just like you. I’ve lost my job through redundancy three times. That wasn’t easy and yet I was back in a job within 6-8 weeks each time. I’ve worked with some absolute shockers of line managers. Those times were tough and yet I always stayed positive and ended up in better places. I’ve had the same doubts, crises of confidence, worries and stresses of most people and yet never more than at relatively moderate levels, so I must be doing something right!

I love to push and challenge myself and I’ve tackled some tough challenges on a bike. My greatest achievement was completing the Alps Marmotte Granfondo (174km / 5000m of climbing) in 40°C heat in 2015 with someone else’s saddle (mine broke on the way to the start line!). This was the most serious physical and mental challenge in any sport that I’ve competed in. Over half of the 7500 starters didn’t finish, but I did!

I’ve signed up for the 2019 PROPS Bristol to Bordeaux cycle challenge – 500 miles in 4 days. It’s a tough physical and mental challenge and one that I’m very up for.

If you want accountability, practical methods and action. Then get in touch.

There really are no limits to what you can achieve. The only limits you have are the ones you impose on yourself. We have all we need to be successful, we just think otherwise.

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