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The Mental Well-being for Teachers Programme

For all teachers who are having a tough time coping with the stresses and challenges of their role. It’s creating tension, you sense that you are losing control and everything seems to be getting on top of you. Develop the mental well-being to be able to respond to these stressors in more resourceful ways.

Mental Well-being for Teachers

When you first decided to enter the teaching profession you had visions of the significant impact you would have on the lives of young people. The chance to shape young minds and develop them to build the foundation for them to experience a productive adult life. There will have been times since when you really felt that your purpose was being fulfilled as you saw the growth and development of the young people you have taught.

Teaching is a rewarding yet challenging profession. It presents many stressors, challenges and pressures and you are currently experiencing the negative consequences of some of these. Maybe it’s the:

  • Excessive workload
  • Long hours you have to work
  • Unreasonable demands placed on you by senior staff
  • Threat of a poor Ofsted rating
  • Challenging pupil behaviour
  • Challenging parents
  • Rapid pace of change
  • Need to hit statistical targets
  • Government’s league tables
  • Increase in bureaucracy

You want to be able to do what you set out to do when you decided to become a teacher. You want fulfilment from your role and have time to enjoy your life as well. You want to be able to shape what happens to you, approach your role with a strong desire and commitment and rediscover the purpose and confidence you used to have in yourself.

This programme is personalised one-to-one support and unique to you. It will help you identify the specific causes of the stresses, anxieties and burnout that you are experiencing and then get you to work on those causes so that the symptoms you experience go away for good. As a teacher, you commit your career to developing and inspiring young minds. There are stressors in the profession that create stress. This programme will help you experience the consequences of these stressors in new and helpful ways, enabling you to re-discover the passion and purpose that you have for teaching. It will be the best career decision you make.

The nature of the programme

For 12 weeks I will have your back. I’ll be there for you both in person or video link, online and through messaging. You’ll complete the MTQPlus questionnaire and this will determine the precise nature of your coaching programme. The programme will focus on leaving you much more capable of coping with and overcoming the stresses, pressure and challenges that you face.

  • I’ve developed a programme that is built around a framework to explore mental well-being in detail. This will enable you to really understand the 8 key elements of mental well-being and recognise how these will influence your teaching role in a positive way.
  • You will experience six 90-minute sessions (face-to-face or Zoom video) –every 2 weeks over the 12 weeks.
  • You’ll start by completing the MTQPlus questionnaire which will give you a reliable and valid assessment of your current levels of ‘mental toughness’.
  • The first session will introduce you to the mental well-being model as well as review the results of your report so that you understand what it is telling you.
  • The next 4 sessions will look at each of the 4C’s in turn (Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence).
  • The final session will explore and celebrate your progress and account for how far you will have come.
  • The aim is that as you acquire a deeper understanding of the different elements of mental well-being, you will find it easier to recognise what you need to start doing, what you need to stop doing and what you need to continue doing.
  • I will introduce you to different tools to help you develop in each of the areas. This will allow you to build habits that will improve and sustain your mental well-being as you perform your role.
  • Although there is a programme framework, no two programmes will ever be the same as the focus will be on your unique needs from your MTQPlus report and the action you take will be specific to the outcomes you want as a teacher.

In addition to the face-to-face or Zoom sessions, you will also receive the following support:

  • 6 x 90-minute sessions (face-to-face or video calls)
  • Membership of ‘closed’ Facebook group to post questions, tasks, challenges, successes etc.)
  • Unlimited text, FB message support
  • Additional telephone support is an option where pre-arranged in advance
  • You will also have the option to re-test using MTQPlus questionnaire if desired. This can be done at the end of the programme or a later date. (there is an additional charge for the re-assessment and feedback)

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