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Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about your training workshops?

They are ‘brain friendly!’ They focus on the five principles of brain-friendly learning:

Facilitate creation, not just consumption

Learning is not about just listening to someone talk at you, giving you their views and their ways. You are not an empty vessel to be filled or a box to be ticked. You are a meaning-making machine and learning is all about the meaning you create in the context that you will apply it. Our workshops give you plenty of opportunities to create the meaning that is appropriate for you in your world.

Rich and multi-sensory

How many training events have you been to where you sit for long periods, looking at a screen and listening to a trainer’s voice or watching them draw models on a flipchart? We have five senses and on our workshops, you will use them all in different ways.

Honour Uniqueness

Every person who attends our workshops is regarded as unique and our workshops reflect this. They are very practical and you will actively learn in visual ways, auditory ways, kinaesthetic ways, logical ways, working with others, working on your own, through reflection and through movement.

Keep it Real

We have lots of different people who attend our workshops from different backgrounds and in different roles. We are always conscious that what our learners want are practical tools that they can apply in real situations. We always give people opportunities to position their learning firmly in the context of the situation in which the will use it. Every learner gets the opportunity to develop their own individual learning action plan on our workshops.

State is everything

We believe that people learn when they are in a resourceful learning state. Our workshops are designed to change learner state as often as is appropriate. State is a combination of ‘focus and physiology’. You will not be sitting around listening to us talking for long periods whilst you are passive. We always create an active and engaging learning environment in which you can enjoy learning new things.

Why do I need a coach?

A great question and one you should always ask yourself first.

People don’t always need a coach and there are a huge number of people that live their lives, work their careers, run their businesses, lead their team or play their sport without ever needing a coach. However, there are sometimes times in life where having a skilled, unbiased, interested person with no agenda can really help you to consider things that you haven’t been able to on your own. You may be ‘stuck’ in a cycle of thinking that you’ve become so used to that it now seems ‘normal’ or you feel there is no way out. You may well lack the self-awareness to recognise how you are behaving in ways that are not helping you get what you want.

  • A great coach will support you unconditionally, with no pre-conceived perception and no off-the-shelf solution.
  • A great coach will ask you questions that you will be afraid to or cannot ask yourself.
  • A great coach will help you recognise what you are experiencing currently, what you want to experience instead and help you change your current state into your desired state.
  • A great coach will guide you by helping you access the resources you already have within you. If you have learned to believe a certain thing at some time in your life, then you can learn a new more useful belief to replace it.
  • A great coach will have a variety of different ways to help you that will be unique to you, not off the shelf, not someone else’s, but that is specific to you, your circumstances and that actually help you. They will demonstrate an artistry with you.
  • A great coach will help you help you realise what you never thought was possible.
  • A great coach will ‘show up’ for you all of the time – connect with you, be there for you, cajole you, encourage you and challenge you.

Great coaches can help a person change their whole experience

How can working with a coach benefit me?

A lot will depend on what you really want to achieve. However, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A very clear idea of what you want that you’re not currently getting.
  • You will experience certain aspects of your life in a very different way.
  • You will really question the current beliefs, life rules and models of reality that are holding you back.
  • You will realise what is it you really need, to start getting the experiences you want.
  • You will get unstuck from your current experience.
  • You will break free from your current patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviours.
  • You will enjoy spending time with a person who is only concerned with helping you get what you want.
  • You have access to someone who can make you aware of what you never thought was possible.
  • Your very own personal guide, mentor, cheerleader and confidant.
What’s different about Pro Mind Coaching & Training?

I use the MTQPlus mental toughness assessment to help you establish your levels of mental toughness both overall and in 8 different sub-scales. This 74 question questionnaire is highly reliable and valid and has been rigorously tested over a number of years. It will provide you with a robust way to measure your mental toughness and then identify practical ways to develop the specific areas of it.

As an INLPTA Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I have over 40 very powerful personal change techniques that can transform your beliefs, thoughts and emotional states to help you completely change how you experience your world. I can blend, shape, flex or combine these to create a very unique experience for you.

I have a son who plays professional sport and therefore I have a unique and practical insight into how personal resilience can help a person at the highest level, and how vitally important mental skills are in making the difference to how a person experiences their life.

What’s it like to be coached by you?

I look to make your experience as enjoyable, highly useful and unique to you. If you want to do this outside in the fresh air, at your favourite place or landmark than that’s where we’ll do it. Your experience is very important to me and I’m happy to meet you where you feel comfortable and we have no distractions. That won’t always be possible if we talk on a video call, however that doesn’t stop you having the call in a place that you feel comfortable at your end.

My role is to guide you to achieve what you really want. I will really connect with you to develop strong trust and rapport between us. I will always ‘push’ you to take action in a supportive and engaging way because I want to support you to get what you really want. It will often be challenging and practical and it will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and often beyond. 

We will talk at our agreed intervals and I will guide you through appropriate powerful mental techniques that will truly help you. Our sessions will always be practical, unique to you and guide you towards what you really want to achieve.

We will agree on practical things that you will do in between our sessions that will help you really embed a new experience for you. These things will always be achievable and fit into your current lifestyle.

Whilst we work together, I have your back. Outside of our sessions, I’ll be available via text, Whatsapp, email or through the closed Facebook group. You can ask me questions, post your successes, progress or just say hello, anytime you want. I will always respond to you.

Can I just help myself without a coach?

Of course you can. Lots of people are great at reflecting, contemplating, being aware of what is happening to them, asking themselves questions, knowing what works and what doesn’t and taking action to change things. Being able to become independent and cope with whatever challenges you experience is clearly very empowering and means that you can influence your life in ways that consistently get you what you want.

It’s expensive – that’s what stopping me?

As with any purchase, you have to ask yourself some questions:

  • How much is it worth to me to change what’s happening?
  • What will it cost me if I do nothing?
  • What will I gain that I really need if I invested in this?
  • What will buying this give me that I don’t have?

Think about what you will gain and/or what you will avoid by investing in yourself. If you think that the cost is worth it, schedule in a ‘Stride Forward’ call and we can talk about what you really want and how it will work for you.

I don’t live in the UK or within travelling distance of you; can we still work together?

Absolutely. The world is much smaller place thanks to the effective technologies that exist. We can talk over the phone, using Skype or FaceTime. I use a Facebook group for you to ask questions and for us both to post actions, tasks and successes. Also, you just never know, I may be in your part of the world one day and I’ll call you arrange to pop round to meet in person!

I live within travelling distance of Bristol; can we work together in person?

That’s no problem for me. I can come to you or you can come to me (a mileage charge may apply for me to travel to you). To be honest, we could meet anywhere e.g. on a beach, at a popular landmark or place of interest of your choice (as long as we won’t have distractions). Difference is great and without normal distractions, you are free to really open up and think deeply about what you really want.



How do I pay you?

I ask for full payment up front before we begin, by cash, PayPal (on the Services & Prices page) or by debit or credit card. However, you can pay by monthly instalments (although this will cost a little more than the full up-front price).



What if I need to cancel a session?

More than 24 hours in advance of agreed time: We can rearrange this to a mutually convenient time.

Less than 24 hours in advance of agreed time: This may result in the loss of that session from your programme

What if I need to cancel a place I've booked on a training workshop?

If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the start time of the event, a refund of the price you paid will be given.

If you cancel between 14 and 7 days prior to the start time of the event, a refund of 50% of the price you paid will be given

If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the start time of the event, no refund will be given.

Why not get in touch?

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