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Mental Toughness for Business Owners

For all business owners who struggle to get the success they want from their business because of your fixed mindset. You don’t believe you can do it, you struggle after setbacks, you compare yourself unfavourable against others and worry about whether you can be a long-term success. Develop the mental toughness and a set of highly empowering beliefs that banish all of your negative thoughts and start behaving in ways that highly impress your customers.

Mental Toughness for Business

You may be new to running a business or have been doing it for some time. You’re at a point where the doubts are creeping in more and more, creating thoughts such as:

  • Will I be able to do this?
  • How can I be successful when there are so many other successful businesses out there?
  • My competitors seem so much better than me.
  • Who am I to think I can provide a better service than others already doing it?
  • I feel so down when someone shows interest but doesn’t buy from me.
  • I struggle to commit to things and put things off that I should do
  • Every setback puts me further away from what I really want to achieve
  • Others have more experience than me?
  • I’m really worried that this will not be successful?
  • I feel like giving up and getting a job?

You want to be able to work on your business, the strategies, the products, the services, the marketing, the sales without telling yourself so many disempowering stories about what you can’t do, haven’t done, won’t do and will never be able to do. These stories are creating your doubts, your limitations, your stagnation and the lack of belief in your ability to make a success of this and they stop you from developing the business as you want it to be.

We’ll work together to develop your mental toughness. You’ll complete the MTQPlus questionnaire and this will determine the precise nature of your 6-week coaching programme. The programme will focus on leaving you much more capable of handling the stresses, pressure and challenges of running your business. This will help you will experience things in a very different way and allow you to focus on your business with clarity, confidence. commitment and energy. Most of all, you will radiate self-belief, confidence and energy to prospective customers who will sense that you are someone who truly believes that they can get results for them.

I offer a variety of different ‘Mental Toughness for Business Owner’ coaching packages to suit your needs. These vary in length from 6 weeks to 3 months. To view details of each of these packages and costs, click on the ‘Package Options’ button or go to the ‘Services & Prices’ page of the website

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  • Explore what is possible for you in the future.
  • Identify how much that you really want this.


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