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Mental Toughness for Leadership

Develop the mental toughness to be a highly effective leader in business and feel confident in your ability to influence the results you want through the outstanding leadership of your team.

What does a leader with high levels of mental toughness look like?

  • They believe that they can make a difference and they know that collaborating with their team will make that more likely to happen.
  • They shape what happens and don’t blame external people or factors if things don’t work out as planned.
  • They manage their emotions well as they’re aware of their impact on others’ around them.
  • They set high standards for themselves and others around them.
  • They take ownership and responsibility and encourage their team to do the same.
  • They are tenacious and will do what it takes to achieve, utilising the skills and experience of their team to help them.
  • The see the positive in most outcomes and allow their team the freedom to take risks and stretch themselves.
  • They’re continuous improvement oriented and encourage their team to put forward their ideas and opinions….and listen to them.
  • They have confidence in their decisions and spread this throughout the team.
  • They are encouraging, supportive and engaging and yet can deal with any issues in the team constructively and with necessary firmness. 
  • You’ll be encouraged to reflect on good and bad experiences because they will have already done that themselves.

These qualities all embrace the 4 C’s of mental toughness – Control. Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.

As a leader, how do you measure up against these things? 

We’ll work together to develop your mental toughness. You’ll complete the MTQPlus questionnaire and this will provide the framework for your 6-week or 3-month coaching programme. The programme will focus on leaving you much more capable of handling the stresses, pressure and challenges of leadership. You’ll develop the mental toughness to handle your leadership role, create empowering beliefs about your self and experience your working life in a completely different way. 

I have over 60 different practical tools and activities that you will have access to during your programme and these will help you develop this vital personality trait for the modern business world. 

Intrigued? Then book a ‘Stride Forward’ call and let’s talk about what would work for you to become mentally tough.


I offer a variety of different ‘Mental Toughness for Leaders’ coaching packages to suit your needs. These vary in length from 6 weeks to 3 months. To view details of each of these packages and costs, click on the ‘Package Options’ button or go to the ‘Services & Prices’ page of the website

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