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In May 2019, I delivered mental toughness sessions at Prior Park College in Bath for the U13, U15 and 1st XI cricket squads and a group of sports scholars. These were highly interactive sessions that got the students to explore aspects of mental toughness such as where they focus their attention, their self talk, their ideal competitive mindset and mental imagery.

The young sports athletes looked at highly practical ways of:

  • Focusing their attention on things they could actually control in their sport
  • Developing an ideal competitive mindset
  • Getting into the NOW
  • Managing their automatic negative thoughts
  • Practising mental imagery

The mental toughness bowling challenge created much energy and laughter as each bowler tried to hit an area of cones whilst being distracted by their teammates. In around 300 balls bowled throughout the day, not one cone was hit, which shows how external and internal distractions can significantly influence performance.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I loved working with some really engaged students and the very welcoming staff at a fantastic school setting high on the hill overlooking the lovely city of Bath.

Read more about the sessions at the following link – http://www.priorparkcollege.com/news-events/news/cricket-masterclass-with-steve-dent

For more information about how you can have these sessions delivered at your school, contact me on 07815 618905 or email at steve@pro-mind.co.uk

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