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Workshops for School Sports

Workshops for School Sports

Young athletes will spend most of their time working on their technique and the physical conditioning. Understandable in many ways as learning to play their sport is important. However, the adolescent brain is still being developed right up to their early 20’s and that provides an opportunity to develop strong mental toughness, particularly for sport.

Add into the mix, the influence of the peers of a child or young adult, the expectations of parents and coaches, exams, school work and it’s very challenging to be able to balance all of these things with a desire to develop sporting performance.

Young athletes with higher levels of mental toughness:

  1. Are better able to respond to the consequences of a mistake and get over it quicker – they just overcome setbacks more easily and properly learn from them.
  2. Have been shown to recover from injury much quicker – this is down to their better adherence to clinical and home-based procedures in their programme, higher attendance at appointments and a strong belief that they will be less susceptible to further injury.
  3. Are less likely to blame external factors for poor performance e.g. opponents, officials, weather conditions, unlucky venues, superstitions, bad luck, scoreboard pressure etc.
  4. Take a more balanced outlook when their performance fluctuates – they prefer to reflect and learn from what is happening rather than wallowing in self-pity and rueing their luck.
  5. Retain higher levels of self-belief if left out or after a poor performance – they use their ‘inventory’ of great achievements/performances to recall how good they really are.
  6. Are much better able to stand up for themselves under the challenge of an aggressive/domineering opponent – they are able to keep their eye on the prize and maintain focus and concentration.
  7. Can keep unhelpful emotions in check – they are more inclined to access emotional states that allow them to feel positive about a situation and then be more able to focus on the technical/tactical/physical aspects of their sport.
  8. Are much better at being able to imagine what success looks like for them and with that clear image in mind, stick at achieving that, no matter what.
  9. Love proving themselves – they never accept that good is good enough, spending as much time reflecting on good performances as they do bad performances. To them, good is the enemy of great!
  10. Are better able to cope with external negativity from coaches, other players, supporters, media etc. – they are aware of what they can control and they focus on exactly that, rather than getting distracting by factors that they can’t control.

Young athletes who consistently display these qualities are proven to have more consistent success in their sporting performance due to their positive outlook, more useful responses to the challenges they face and an ongoing desire to want to achieve more.

Recognise the need for these qualities in other aspects of life?

Mental Toughness Workshops for School Sports

I can deliver mental toughness workshops over any length of time and these can cover:

  • What mental toughness actually is in the context of sport.
  • Getting into the NOW (the zone)
  • Where you focus your attention – on what you can control or what you can’t?
  • Developing an ideal competitive mindset
  • Using mental imagery
  • Awareness of what creates unhelpful emotional states
  • Awareness of automatic negative thoughts
  • We run open workshops and workshops in clubs and associations.

I can run these in your school for your teams in any sport and for sports scholars to support your talented athlete programmes.

Who am I?

Steve Dent. Born Bristol (Clifton the posh part). Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones (I’m too young!). People Developer. Mazda MX5 Driver. Coach. Trainer. Business Owner. Golfer on way to single figure handicap £70 career earnings. Cyclist – keep crashing. Mountain Climber and descender. Charity fundraiser. NLP master. Mental Toughness specialist. Level 3 cricket coach. Coach educator. Constant learner. Networker. Network meeting group leader. Mentee. Never stops improving. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people get mentally tougher!

Want more information?

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