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Welcome to Pro Mind

I’m a mental toughness coach and trainer and develop mental toughness for sports athletes and sports coaches,  with highly practical mental toughness assessments, online workshops and coaching programmes.

Not getting the results you want and wondering why? Can’t put your finger on why it’s a struggle sometimes?

I run one-off mental toughness assessments using the MTQPlus, a highly reliable and valid measure of your mental toughness accompanied by a detailed debrief session with me to help you understand the results and start working to become mentally tougher in any aspect of your sport.

Want to understand more about the mental side of sport? 

I run very practical and engaging online mental toughness workshops for athletes and sports coaches full of proven tools for developing this vital mindset. These workshops help you recognise what mental toughness is and how you can develop it to benefit you as a coach or an athlete. You’ll receive a mental toughness tools that are science backed and will help you positively deal with the challenges you face in your sport.

Need to get past your challenges in a more detailed and bespoke way? Need to be challenged, guided and to really look in the mirror at what you are currently experiencing? 

I’ll coach you on a 1-2-1 basis over 6 – 12 weeks to develop your mental toughness in a very bespoke way that is unique to you. Using the MTQPlus as a foundation, you’ll explore and develop the areas that will make the biggest difference to you and I’ll have you back for as long as we work together. This will develop your self-awareness and your ability to consistently respond in useful ways to the adverse consequences of the stressors and challenges you face in your sport.

So what is Mental Toughness?

It’s a mindset that explains in large part how an individual is able to deal with the stressors, pressures and challenges they face. How you can enhance your life, work or sport whilst under physical or psychological pressure. It’s been heavily researched, validated and successfully implemented in work, education and sport over the past 15 years.

Mental toughness consists of 4 main areas:

  • Control – The extent to which you feel that you can shape and influence what is happening around you so that you can feel that you can make a difference and achieve what is necessary.
  • Commitment – the extent to which we make promises to ourselves and others, particularly those which are tangible and measurable, and the extent to which we commit to keeping those promises.
  • Challenge – The extent to which you respond positively to situations you view as challenging. Your mindset will be to see these as opportunities. You will be aware that there are risks and you may even experience a sense of fear, but you will see the opportunity rather than the threat.
  • Confidence – The extent to which we have self-belief to see through to a conclusion a difficult task which can be beset with setbacks, and the inner strength to stand your ground when needed, particularly when you might need to persuade others to your point of view.

Mentally tough individuals have significant advantages over more mentally sensitive people in sport settings.

How would you like to consistently?

  • Be able to positively shape the events and interactions that you have.
  • Recognise and manage your emotional states so that you can react to stressful situations in useful ways.
  • Be able to imagine successfully achieving the things you want to.
  • Demonstrate the tenacity and stick-ability to set goals and see them through irrespective of external influences.
  • Develop the ability to stretch yourself, take risks and explore opportunities outside of your comfort zone.
  • Believe that you have what it takes in your area of work without the need for external validation.
  • Be better at dealing with challenge from others and assertively present your point or views.

So how can you make this happen?


Improvement in performance attributed to mental toughness


Coaches and athletes that ignore the mental aspects of performance in training or competition.


Percentage of time coach education spends on the mental side of sport


Amount of time the average sports coach spends on the technical, tactical and physical side of performance

Sports athletes and coaches, get in touch - You can't afford NOT to start developing your Mental Toughness

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