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Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about your online courses?

They are ‘brain friendly!’ They focus on the principles of brain-friendly learning:

Facilitate creation, not just consumption

Learning is not about just listening to someone talk at you, giving you their views and their ways. You are not an empty vessel to be filled or a box to be ticked. You are a meaning-making machine and learning is all about the meaning you create in the context that you will apply it. Our courses give you plenty of opportunities to create the meaning that is appropriate for you in your world.

Honour Uniqueness

Every person who attends our workshops is regarded as unique and our workshops reflect this. They are very practical and you will actively learn in visual ways, auditory ways, kinaesthetic ways, logical ways, working with others, working on your own, through reflection and through movement.

Keep it Real

We have lots of different people who take our courses from different backgrounds and in different roles in sport. We are always conscious that what our learners want are practical tools that they can apply in real situations. We always give people opportunities to position their learning firmly in the context of the situation in which the will use it. Every learner gets the opportunity to develop their own individual learning action plan on our workshops.

How much does a coaching programme cost?

You can expect to pay somewhere between £500 and £1000 depending on the length of the programme and the level of support that you require. What you get for this is:

  • Up to 9 hours of face-to-face/video call contact time with me.
  • Additional time and support for up to 12 weeks via messaging, social media and email.
  • Access to a  wide range of practical mental toughness / positive psychology tools.
  • 17 years of experience of developing people in several different industry sectors.
  • My experience of being personally related to a professional sportsman and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to perform consistently at a very high level.
I don’t live in the UK or within travelling distance of you; can we still work together?

Absolutely. The world is much smaller place thanks to the effective technologies that exist. We can talk over the phone, using Skype or FaceTime. I use a Facebook group for you to ask questions and for us both to post actions, tasks and successes. Also, you just never know, I may be in your part of the world one day and I’ll call you arrange to pop round to meet in person!

I live within travelling distance of Bristol; can we work together in person?
That’s no problem for me. I can come to you or you can come to me (a mileage charge may apply for me to travel to you). To be honest, we could meet anywhere e.g. on a beach, at a popular landmark or place of interest of your choice (as long as we won’t have distractions). Difference is great and without normal distractions, you are free to really open up and think deeply about what you really want.



How do I pay you?

I ask for full payment up front before we begin, by cash, PayPal or by debit or credit card. However, you can pay by monthly instalments (although this may cost a little more than the full up-front price).



What if I need to cancel a session?
More than 24 hours in advance of agreed time: We can rearrange this to a mutually convenient time.

Less than 24 hours in advance of agreed time: This may result in the loss of that session from your programme

Why not get in touch?

Email: steve@pro-mind.co.uk / Tel: 07815 618905

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