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So you run a network marketing business. It’s a great business to be in and yet things are not exactly how you want them to be.

  • You experience that roller coaster ride where you’re up one month and down the next, putting more and more pressure on yourself to get back up.
  • You don’t experience the support you expected from family and close friends – they don’t really understand the nature of your business model and are probably trying to discourage you from continuing with it. They’ve maybe heard about pyramid schemes and are suspicious of what you do.
  • Lastly, you experience the sneers and disparaging remarks from other business owners about network marketers – “Network marketers are pushy”, “Always trying to hard sell their products”, “It’s not a proper business”, “That’s just a pyramid scheme!

All of this creates a challenging experience for you. You struggle to control your unhelpful emotions and you allow the views of others to shape how you do things. The goals you set yourself seem so far away and you’re lacking the tenacity to really go for them. You begin to see every potential customer as a ‘no’ and lose sight of the times when you had a successful month. Your self-belief drains and you begin to struggle to assert yourself when interacting with potential customers, new recruits to your team or detractors of your business. You actually start to feel embarrassed to tell people what you do!

Is all or some of this just like you?

The good news is that there is support available. On Friday 23rd November in Bristol from 9.00am to 12.30pm, I’m running a ‘Mental Toughness’ workshop. We cover the 8 aspects of mental toughness and you will understand what each of these are, assess yourself against them and practice different methods to develop in the areas that will really help you in your business.

This will help you recognise what’s holding you back and start the process of developing your mental toughness and mindset to make your business the success you always dreamed it would be.

The workshop costs only £50 per person. This a great price for what will be a high-quality workshop run by someone with over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering training in several, varied industry sectors. I’ve designed award nominated training programmes and this will be a highly practical and creative experience for all participants.

What have you got lose by recognising how vital mental toughness is for you and your business and starting the journey to develop yours so that you get the success you really crave?

For more information and to book your place, click on the link below:


I look forward to seeing you on 23rd November.

Steve Dent is a Mental Toughness Coach & Trainer, accredited to administer the MTQPlus assessment, Master Practitioner of NLP and founder of Pro Mind Coaching & Training.

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