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Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches...our new on-line course

I’m excited to announce that the first of our on-line courses, Mental Toughness for Sports Coaches is now live.

This highly practical course will cover:

It’s packed full of practical tools to develop mental toughness in coaches. It doesn’t matter at what level you coach, the age of your athletes or what sport you coach, this is for YOU.

In preparing for this course, I surveyed over 30 coaches at all levels in different sports and the findings showed that:

  • None of them knew what mental toughness really was.
  • All received some very basic introduction to the mental side of sport as part of their coach development but felt that this was not enough.
  • None of them felt confident to develop mental toughness in their athletes.
  • All thought that being able to develop their own mental toughness would help them do the same for the athletes they coach.
  • All would welcome further practical development on mental toughness to further their coaching journey.

This course is all about developing your own mental toughness. It starts with YOU. Once you understand what mental toughness really is and have the practical tools to develop it in yourself, you will be in a great position to start developing it in the people you coach. Subsequent courses will then focus on the tools you need to develop mental toughness in your athletes.

You will also experience positive spin-offs in your life and your career too. In short, becoming mentally tougher ensures that you will become more comfortable in your own skin in whatever you do.

This is what sports coaches have been waiting for and it’s now available to you.

Sports athletes and coaches, get in touch - You can't afford NOT to start developing your Mental Toughness

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