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Stop guessing and start WINNING!

The ProMindTough academy is what athletes and sports coaches have been waiting for. How many times have you heard the term ‘Mental Toughness’? But do you REALLY know what it is? Do you really know how mentally tough YOU ARE? More importantly do you really know HOW to develop it?

What would you experience from a mentally tough athlete?
  • Someone who believes they can make a difference in their sport whatever they do.
  • A person who uses positive language and expressions (internally and externally).
  • They shape what happens to them by focusing on stuff they can actually control.
  • Is calm when things go to wrong and takes a measured approach to overcoming setbacks.
  • Has a clear imagined idea of what success looks like for them.
  • Always has a sense of purpose about the things they do in training and competition.
  • Will do whatever it takes to achieve what they need to.
  • Has high standards for themselves – fully expects to achieve what they set out to do.
  • More easily sees the positive in different challenges.
  • Has a continuous improvement philosophy – never accepting that good is enough.
  • Enjoys the work – not afraid to get ugly in training and competition.
  • Is internally driven – doesn’t need external stimuli to keep focused.
  • Comfortable putting themselves forward for more work and responsibility.
  • Will stand their ground if challenged and is less likely to back down from an opponent.

Well now YOU CAN work towards all of these things and be a mentally tough athlete.

ProMindTough has been designed for:

Athletes – to provide you with structured and practical online mental toughness development to help with self-awareness, performance control, emotional control, attention control, mental imagery and positive thinking. All based on a reliable, validated and research-based model of mental toughness that has been successfully implemented in different sports around the world over the past 10 years.

Coaches – to provide you with practical and effective mental toughness tools through online courses, so that you develop your own knowledge of this highly valuable personality trait. This will also enable you to then support your players/athletes to develop their mental toughness to benefit their all aspects of their performance.

Each button below gives details of what ProMindTough contains for both athletes and coaches

Mental Toughness sessions at Prior Park College

In May 2019, I delivered mental toughness sessions at Prior Park College in Bath for the U13, U15 and 1st XI cricket squads and a group of sports scholars. These were highly interactive sessions that got the students to explore aspects of mental toughness such as where they focus their attention, their self talk, their ideal competitive mindset and mental imagery.

Read more about the sessions at the following link – http://www.priorparkcollege.com/news-events/news/cricket-masterclass-with-steve-dent

Steve was absolutely fantastic to work with on my Mental Toughness, it was not something I had ever come across before but the premise of actually working on my mental toughness was an absolute no brainer. It gives you at first the ability to know what you do well and what you do not so well and then Steve gives you the skills to deal with these issues. It has changed the way I practice and changed the way I play my cricket completely. Having a chance to actually test out some of the methods whilst I was away in the winter and seeing the reward of coping under pressure was such a great feeling. Along with technical training, I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to work with Steve to become a better performer in sport.

Ryan Higgins

Gloucestershire CCC Player of the Year 2018

Who am I?

Steve Dent. Born Bristol (Clifton the posh part). Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones (I’m too young!). People Developer. Mazda MX5 Driver. Coach. Trainer. Business Owner. Golfer on way to single figure handicap £70 career earnings. Cyclist – keep crashing. Mountain Climber and descender. Charity fundraiser. NLP master. Mental Toughness specialist. Constant learner. Networker. Network meeting group leader. Mentee. Never stops improving. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people get mentally tougher!

I’ve also set up a closed Facebook group for athletes that want to support each other to develop their mental toughness. You can join HERE

Coaching experience / qualifications (if you need to know this sort of thing)

  • Age Group Coach – Gloucestershire Cricket Board U11 to U17 boys (2010 – 2015)
  • Head Coach – Gloucestershire County Women Cricket Squad (2015 – 2018)
  • England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Level 3 Performance Coach
  • Gloucestershire Cricket Board Coach Education Tutor
  • Gloucestershire Cricket Coach of the Year 2014
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Licensed Mental Toughness practitioner
  • Experienced trainer with 20 years training experience in several industries
  • My son, Chris, is Gloucestershire CCC captain giving me a unique insight into top-level sport for the past 9 years
  • Coached professional male and female athletes and academy level players.
Steve has been brilliant in helping me overcome frustrating periods as a cricketer and go on to perform really well under pressure. His knowledge and passion around high performance coaching and NLP is up there with the very best and it certainly feels like I have an edge over all my competitors.

Through working together both face to face and online I’ve seen significant improvements in my ability to develop skills quickly, stay calm under pressure and ultimately enjoy playing the game I love.  Steve has become a great mentor for me and I can always rely on him to go above and beyond to help me in any way he can! Bhavi

Perth Scorchers WBBL & Western Fury State Team

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