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MTQPlus Assessments

Mental Toughness Assessment and Feedback

Although mental toughness has fast become a concept for all settings, it still resonates very strongly in sport. As far back as the 1990s, several eminent coaches in American sports coined the term and it’s become part of the sporting vocabulary in the states.

As a competitor, the strength of your mental toughness will in large part, determine how far you progress in your sport and how successful you are. The MTQPlus assessment will give you a highly reliable and valid measure of your current levels of mental toughness and form the foundation for developing this highly valuable personality trait.

The MTQPlus assessment is a unique 74 item high-quality psychometric measure that measures Mental Toughness which describes the mindset that every athlete needs to adopt to be successful in sport. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Click here to see a sample MTQPlus Report

Following online completion of the assessment and production of your development report, you will receive detailed feedback (either face-to-face or via FaceTime or Skype) which will cover:

  • Your reflections and observations from your MTQPlus report.
  • Detailed analysis of your overall Mental Toughness score and the scores for the four components, Control. Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.
  • Comparing and contrasting specific elements of your report to highlight the areas in which you are shown to have mental toughness.
  • Identifying your main areas for development.
  • Developing your plan to increase your mental toughness in these areas to include specific activities that you will then undertake.
  • I will give you practical ideas and activities to develop your mental toughness in your sport.

Mental toughness and its impact is well understood in the sports world, Described as winning mentality, mindset, learned optimism, etc, these all describe the same or similar notions. The key areas are:

  • Performance – in competition and training. An athlete with higher mental toughness will have greater control over their methods, actions, emotions and commitment to excellence.
  • Positive Behaviour – athletes will develop a “can do” approach to stretching situations. They will think they can, even if the task is new or one that they have not successfully completed before.
  • Wellbeing – They will manage their emotional states much better and access resourceful states even when the going has been tough and there have been setbacks. This helps to manage their performance anxiety and reduce tension.
  • Aspirations – They are much clearer on what is important to them and will strive to achieve this despite the sacrifices they know they will have to make.

Case studies showing how mental toughness has been used in sport.

Cost £119 per person (75-minute session – includes the cost of the MTQPlus report)

Who am I?

Steve Dent. Born Bristol (Clifton the posh part). Husband. Dad. Grandad to 3 awesome little ones (I’m too young!). People Developer. Mazda MX5 Driver. Coach. Trainer. Business Owner. Golfer on way to single figure handicap £70 career earnings. Cyclist – keep crashing. Mountain Climber and descender. Charity fundraiser. NLP master. Mental Toughness specialist. Constant learner. Networker. Network meeting group leader. Mentee. Never stops improving. Son is Glos CCC captain. Coached professional athletes. Led teams. Won awards. Motto: Help Many – Hurt Few – Live Life – Win Some – Lose None. I help people get mentally tougher!

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